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Why Montessori

Why would you opt for a Montessori school for your little one, when there are so many schools around you to choose from?

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Montessori Education

It is commonly misunderstood that ‘Montessori’ is just another name for nursery or kindergarten. In reality, the Montessori system



Learning Tree has been ranked 4th in Chennai in the preschool rankings for 2017 recently released by Education World. The rankings were published in the December 2017 issue of Education World and by The Times of India.

Why Montessori

Why would you opt for a Montessori school for your little one, when there are so many schools around you to choose from?

The most important reason: your child will be happier in a school run on Montessori principles. And happiness in children is the one sure indicator that all their developmental needs are being met!

Dr. Montessori developed her system of education in accordance with the natural principles of child development. This ensures that in a Montessori classroom, your children get what they need, as much as they need and at the time they need it, in all the spheres - physical, emotional, intellectual and social.

More reasons?

  • Advanced levels of learning achievement in language and mathematical concepts
  • Music, dance, art, craft, theater, outings, overnight camps, activities with parental involvement....all integrated parts of the curriculum
  • All areas addressed in an integrated and holistic manner, not only academics
  • No heavy bags to carry ; Age-appropriate and enjoyable homework
  • Assessment on a continuous basis, not artificial term-end ones
  • Individualized lessons; Low teacher-student ratio
  • Your child develops a healthy and happy attitude towards school and learning; zero-fuss mornings!
  • A priceless investment in your child's personality and future.....

Christmas Dec 2017

Christmas was celebrated with a Christmas Party in school complete with a visit from Santa Claus who distributed gifts for the children. This was also a day of giving, when children gifted toys, clothes, books, food, etc. to an orphan home in Chennai.

Latest Events

Sports Day Dec 2017

Sports Day was held on 10th December 2017. Daisy, Marigold and Orchid Houses competed for the House Championship which was won handsomely by Daisy. Marigold won the March past. The Pipe Drill, the Parachute Drill and the Formation Drill drew big cheers from the spectators. The House Relays, 100m flat races and the Obstacle Races too were a treat to watch. The Parent, Grandparent, Staff and Sibling events rounded off an exciting day.

Talent Day Nov 2017

Talent Day was held to celebrate Children's Day on 14 Nov 2017. The children from the primary section had an opportunity to showcase their special talents to the rest of the school. There were some amazing performances by the children and a lot of fun and laughter. The teachers too chipped in with their performances.

2nd Term Outings Oct/Nov 2017

The older children went to Vandalur Zoo for their 2nd term outing on 27th October. The electric cars were very popular, and using them they could cover almost all parts of the zoo, including the lions and the tigers. The younger lot went to Crocodile Bank on 10th November, where they saw snakes and crocodiles and baby ones too. The youngest children went to Guindy Park the same day where they had a rollicking time in the play zone.

Golu and Diwali Sep/Oct 2017

Navrathri and Diwali were celebrated in school with great enthusiasm. Golu stands were set up in all the three school locations and decorated beautifully with many of the children's toys. For Diwali the children made large rangolis, lit diyas and visited the Durga Puja Pandal in Besant Nagar.

Project Day and Project Outings Aug 2017

The children went for their outings on 11th and 18th August to places related to their project topics on the subject of Hobbies, some of these being Reading, Art, Games, Collecting, Cooking and Gardening. They did rowing, played badminton, watched textile printing, and visited terrace gardens, art galleries, and libraries.

Project Day was held on 7th Sep 2017. The children displayed their models, plants and charts on the subject of Hobbies. There were live sections too for music and dance, games, cooking and reading.

Grandparents Day Jul 2017

Grandparents Day was held on 28th July 2017. Over 230 grandparents and the children had a wonderful time entertaining each other with dance, song, music and games.

Olympiads Mar 2017

The English Olympiad results have been outstanding this year too. There were nine International first ranks, and many State Ranks too! Possibly the best performance among all schools in Chennai.laughing

Annual Concert Mar 2017

The Annual Concert was held on 24th March 2017. The children regaled the 1000-strong audience with song, drama and dance. See Gallery for Concert and Annual Report pictures.

3rd Term Outings Jan 2017

The younger children went in two batches separately to Semmozhi Poonga and the Chetpet Eco Park for their 3rd term outings. The Nature Walks and the play areas were the main attractions.