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Why Montessori

Why would you opt for a Montessori school for your little one, when there are so many schools around you to choose from?

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Montessori Education

It is commonly misunderstood that ‘Montessori’ is just another name for nursery or kindergarten. In reality, the Montessori system



The Annual Concert was held on 24th March 2017. The children regaled the 1000-strong audience with song, drama and dance. See Gallery for Concert and Annual Report pictures.

Preliminary Activities

These are the foundation activities for the child’s first days in school when the child-teacher rapport is yet to be established. The material used for these activities is explicit so that there is no need for the teacher to introduce the material. Concepts introduced are matching or pairing, sorting and spatial relations, and the content is dominantly size, colour, and shape. The material helps develop coordination and manual dexterity.



The English Olympiad results have been outstanding this year too. There were nine International first ranks, and many State Ranks too! Possibly the best performance among all schools in Chennai.

Latest Events

3rd Term Outings

The younger children went in two batches separately to Semmozhi Poonga and the Chetpet Eco Park for their 3rd term outings. The Nature Walks and the play areas were the main attractions.

Overnight Camp

The Overnight Camp was held on 27th Jan 2017. After school the children went to the VGP amusement park for an outing. This was followed by play and dinner and some more play in school well into the night, and a sleepover in school.


Pongal was celebrated on 13th Jan 2017. The children came to school dressed in colourful traditional clothes. They set up large kolams and had some fun and games together.


Christmas was celebrated in school on 21st December 2016, a day before the beginning of the vacation. Santa Claus visited all the three school locations and distributed gifts, to the delight of the children. The children, dressed in red and white clothes, sang carols for him and asked him some difficult questions! Celebrations were rounded off with a snack party. As is the custom, the children brought clothes, toys and eatables from home which were distributed to an orphanage.

Sports Day

Sports Day was held on 17th December 2016, in the morning. Daisy, Marigold and Orchid Houses competed for the House Championship, which was going neck to neck till the final stretch and ultimately won handsomely by Daisy. Marigold won the March Past. The 100m flat races, the House relays and Obstacle races were a treat to watch. The umbrella drill drew a huge cheer from the spectators. The Parent, sibling and alumni events rounded off an exciting day.


Onam was celebrated on 10 Sep 2016 with traditional gaiety. The children were busy collecting petals and setting up large flower kolams in their respective school locations.

Talent Day

Talent Day was held in the senior school on 14th November 2016, in which the older children showcased their recitation and drawing skills, and their mastery in talents like music, dance, yoga, skating, etc. It was quite a hectic day for the judges with so many events taking place simultaneously! The younger children celebrated Children's Day with games and were also entertained with a skit produced by their teachers.

1st term Outing and Project Day

The children went for their project-related outings on 5th August and 19th August 2016. The youngest ones to a Park, young ones to a Dairy Farm, and Classes 1-5 to the Theosophical Society Gardens for a nature walk. The subject of the Project was "Health". Project Day was held on 7th September 2016, when the children displayed their work.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day was held on 29th July 2016. About 230 grandparents attended. Entertainment by the children, fun games with grandparents and performances by grandparents made it a memorable day for all! laughing